Double Oven Gloves & Mitts

Oven Gloves are a kitchen essential, perfect for protecting your hands from burns from hot plates, dishes, pots and pans. We offer a wide selection of cotton Double Oven Gloves and Mitts, available in a variety of vibrant and timeless designs, styles and colours, all created by our team in Northern Ireland.
Our double oven gloves are made from a heat resistant cotton with polyester wadding, helping to protect your hands from harm. Cotton double gloves are slightly thicker than their silicone alternatives, but provide flexibility and comfort. We also have smaller Micro Mitts available which are perfect for handling hot dishes and containers up to 100 degrees Celsius. These are much smaller than the double oven gloves and only protect the hand, featuring a neoprene protective padding.
From bees, to dogs, cats, beautiful florals and abstract prints, we have something to suit every style and kitchen, whether you're buying our oven gloves for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one or friend.