Katie Larmour Christmas Hanging Decorations

Christmas Decorations - Designed by Katie Larmour

Designed in collaboration with local creator Katie Larmour, our 100% Irish Linen Christmas Hanging Decorations take inspiration from our shared rich history and heritage in the textile industry in Northern Ireland, stemming back to the 1800s. Each handmade decoration starts off with a pencil drawing, a little experimenting and then the finished decoration is made.

Katie's Story: 'Lots of memories are created at Christmas time and my own personal Christmas tree decoration box is filled with an eclectic mix gathered over the years, from various holidays to craft fairs, presents I’ve received and some very old handmade ones from not only my childhood but given to me from my Grandparent's tree that my mother remembers having, it’s part of a ritual. Likewise with throw away fashion I think Christmas decorations should be nice enough to want to be kept, and good enough quality to last the test of time. Unlike a plastic bauble that could easily smash, these soft little trinkets can drop to the floor without tragedy, but make sure to wrap them up in a little tissue paper for storage.'

Start your collection today & let the magic of Christmas unfold.